Jane Austen and me…

“Indulge your imagination in every possible flight.”
-Jane Austen.

I was 13 when i first started reading Jane Austen. Like all other wannabe cool teenagers, i had kept on ignoring her books till boredom compelled me to pick up the first (and only) book lying in front of me, it was Pride and Prejudice—–… Unfortunately the book cupboard was locked, thanks to my mom and the only book related to any form of fantasy and stories and no way related

Imageto studies was P and P, this time thanks to my sister. She just could not be bothered reading any other story except the one which was now being turned and checked by myself for any form of interesting stuff because i was totally convinced that this was boring, without even reading it, Yeah, i thought i was psychic, it’s perfectly obvious right now that i ain’t!

Pride and Prejudice follows the lives of the Bennet household in 19th century England as they brave their ways through the most difficult part of their lives, yeah…finding husbands! Definitely not my personal views, that’s Mrs Bennet for you!  Anyways, the characters are hilarious and are so realistically drawn from real lives that at times you will actually find yourselves exclaiming, “hey that’s me!” or calling Mr Collins, the hilariously annoying persistent suitor as freakishly similar to some random stalker who is infatuated with you…!

The powerful narrative tones with all the right mixtures of sarcasm, wit, graveness and pure fun of this book is worth reading and you should have read this book at least twice or multiple times during your lifetime as well as Austen’s other 5 books namely Emma, Sense and Sensibility, Northanger Abbey, Persuasion and Mansfield Park. These six books, now holding a very special place both in my cupboard (finally it opened!) and my heart, taught me a lot about life and all those who live it. J.A.’s books do not always have the same concept about marriage and love, yes, it does have its happy endings but the content right in the heart of the book has its own individuality like the six heroines have their own special aura.

Just recently i read Clare Tomalin’s Jane Austen which detailed on every part of the famous author’s life right from her childhood to her death and all those people who were a part of her short journey, As a second daughter  myself, i could actually relate to her. It is said that Lizzy Bennet’s character is inspired from Jane herself and Darcy from Tom Lefroy who was her first and perhaps her last love. J.A. was a very defensive person, her real feelings were protected by a strong cover she had made around herself. The gateway pass was given to very few including her brother, Henry and sister, Cassandra. Her dry wit and sarcasm hid her true feelings and sometimes conveyed them.

Jane’s legacy still continues after nearly 2 centuries and perhaps will continue forever (most probably till this december!) . I would definitely recommend every teenager to start reading J.A.’s book because who knows maybe it will sort all your teen problems as it did for me!

P.S. – I am rereading all her books and will update about them soon! 🙂


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April 30, 2012 · 8:19 am

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